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clicker press machine for sale
Brief introduction:  
A clicker press is very useful as it can be used to cut through several layers of material at the same time, (this will depend on the die used). When using a clicker press a cutting board must be used with a cutting die, using a proper cutting board will prolong the cutting die usage,
Application: This cutting machine can be used for cutting gasket, shoes, gloves, balls, bags, sand paper, carpet, toys industries etc.

Technical parameters:
Model numberGSB-S22GSB-S27GSB-S27KGSB-S27L
Maximum cutting force22T27T27T27T
Table area900*430mm1000*500mm1000*500mm1000*500mm
Swing arm width370mm400mm500mm610mm
Cutting stroke5-75mm90mm90mm90mm
Motor power1.1KW1.5KW1.5KW1.5KW
Electric supply voltage3*440/415/400/380/220/200V,50/60HZ
Single phase 240V/220V,50/60HZ
Packing size1050*1000*1500mm1150*1200*1500mm1150*1200*1500mm1150*1200*1500mm
Price (Fob shanghai)2300266628333000

1. Safety: two-hand trip operation, rocker cutting head rotates freely, the best sight in operation, convenience in choosing materials with high efficiency.
2. The oil way system specially designed can conveniently adjust the rocker height. No adjustment is needed after the height of die cutter is changed.
3. High speed, low energy consumption, less failure and easy maintenance.
4. To meet the need of frequent replacement of die cutters of different sizes, this type of cutting machine that can timely output two kinds of cutting force is available for selection.
5. Ductile cast iron body made the cutting machine be used for a very long time with small noise.
6. CE certified quality with competitive price in high quality level.
7. Swing arm cutting machine of special specifications can be customized.

Working principle:
Using a clicker press to cut materials is very simple process, called die cutting.  You have a die in the desired shape you want to cut, you place the material you want to cut on a cutting surface, normally this will be a polypropylene cutting board, then you place the die on top of the material and then lower the head down on top of the die, via two safety switches, pressed simultaneously, This will force about 10 to 27 tons of pressure depending on the type of machine you have, on the die to cut through the material, once the head reaches the has retracted you will have the desired shape.

Clicker press application:
Package And Delivery
Hydraulic clicker press well packed with protective film and loaded in plywood case or export container.
Factory And Certification
1)What's warranty of traveling head die cutting machine?
18 months Warranty
Life-long maintenance service for cutting machine
2)What's your after-sales service?  
Engineer available to serve machines over seas;
Email and calling service in working hour;  24 hours door to door in domestic.
3)Can we test the our material by your cutting machine free?
Yes, please contact us to send your materials.clicker press machine for sale

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