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8/8 Euro Party
Hey Guys.

My friend and i playing together and we are running both 4 chars. Now we hit lvl 125 and wanted to test if we can manage the Downhang cave. We found a spot wanted to attack and then the "anti-cheat" told us we are just allowed to run one character in dw cave. Was this just a bug or is this true? 

In addition to that is there a spot where we can go with out party?
Hi Smarty,
unfortunately you can't. Downhang cave is limited to 1 character and Survival area is limited to 1 char only too. So there isn't way how to bot 8/8 pt on 125+. You can go 1+1 DW cave and 1+1 Survival.

Regards, Aishak
Kinda stupid but okey thank you for your help
dw cave limited to 2 chars survival 1

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