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Server inspection 13.05
13.05.2018 Changelog:

- Added new avatar assasins creed
- Added new premium glow (Golden blood)
- Changed default glow
- Fixed Trader pick goods bug
- Fixed Autoequipment eu shield
- Black dragon unique title drop fixed

[Image: 6jpWeab.jpg]
very nice Big Grin!
i Like this new Glow but i think the efect is a bit to low on Shield and Dark Staff
this new AVATAR looks awesome (perfect for Rouge Big Grin)  but the colow from femail is alot better maybe a dark one for male ?

[Image: vo36u9pv.jpg]

[Image: oswcwt9y.jpg]
greetz PureTank
[Image: sysp-190232.png]
Good job! Super nice.
Main: Kanep
Alt: E38
on china items also Blade and Shield this new Glow has more efects then on euro mor Shadow Details euro shield and Dark Staff looks a bit borring
[Image: sysp-190232.png]
pls unblook this words from game restrictions "assasins creed" evrey time when i write this i get restrection to write that words

EDIT: That Creed Hat (F) its show as (M)
here is a bug with new Glow on Dark Staff check it pls it shows Thunderstorm but its Golden Glow anythink is wrong here the effect is correct its golden but name is wrong 

[Image: SRO_2018_05_20_13_25_55_43.jpg]
[Image: sysp-190232.png]
i was 1 week in holiday Big Grin and nothing here i see no reaction from any mod or admin thats realy bad
i support this server with alot of real money and where is Legion Support ???
and i dont speak from Uniq event or Hide and seek Big Grin i mean real support
an exampel golden Glow fix/this bug for showing wrong Glow name ?/suggestions about new silk items maybe more avatars what ever all players vote on Kates suggestions ? Deja45Vu slepping or you still here Big Grin ?
[Image: sysp-190232.png]

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