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Error Code(2)
Hi Team,

I am currently getting an error when trying to load the client

Sorry. Failed to execute Class Error code 2

I have tried reinstalling the client and trying again

May I please have some assistance with resolving this issue

Many thanks
Hi :p please close your antivirus and firewall, then re-extract game and start
ooo mate

that seems a bit risky!! LOL
All Private Severs Have The Same Thing , So Dont Worry.
[Image: Ez8Lb9i.gif]] 
(02-10-2018, 07:26 PM)dipzy Wrote: ooo mate

that seems a bit risky!! LOL

Id you don't want to close ur antivirus / firewall, just add the sro_client as a exception so the programs won't read it anymore as a virus.
If you need help, lemme know to guide you through.

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