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Adversite done right
Advertising Event For Legion Silkroad

Hello Legion Players , Today I Am Coming Up With A New Challenge For Our Heroes

It IS A Special Challenge Which Means IT Will Be Much More Fun Than Any Other Event/ Challenge

It IS Advertising Event

• What's The Idea With This "New" Challenge/Event?

- The Main Idea IS To Post and Keep The Thread "Up" In The Category List And To Do That We'll Have To Post Replies From Time To Time On The Threads That You Had Created.

- This Will Generate Interest On The Thread And Interest On Our Server Which Means More Players Around , More Fun And More Events.

• What Should You Post?

- Copy And Paste This Forum Code IN Your Own Topics.

- Also Don’t Forget To Type Our Server Link (www.Lsro.Eu) IN Your Topic.

IF You Know Any Forums Where You Can Post/ Advertise There Feel Free To Do IT And Give US The Link For Your Topic , Also IF You Know Any Forums [The Main Language Is Not English] its also allowed

• How To Attend/Join This Event?

 Follow The Steps:-

 All You Will Have To Do IS Just Copy + Paste The Forum Code.

1) Search ON Google About Any Gaming Forum OR Let’s Say Any Forum Belongs To Any Online Game/Private Online Game.)

2) Register ON The Forum/Create Account.

3) Create Your Own Topic About Legion (Copy + Paste The Forum Code).
- Now You Had Posted Your Own Topic About Legion IN 1 Forum/Website Only.

- You Will Have To Post Your Own Topic IN 4 Different Forums/Websites .

4)  After Finishing/Posting (The 4 Topic’s IN Different Forums/Websites) , Copy The URL Links And Post Them With Your Legion Charname like here : 

Legion Charname

Advertising Event Rules
 Multi-Posting IN The Same Forum IS Not Allowed!! (cant post to same forum 2x or more times)
 You Can't Post ON Those Five Forums : - (do not post in this forums because we already have threads there !)
- Elitepvpers.de

- Silkroadforums.com

- runeserver.com

- ragezone.com

 Each Legion Player Can Join This Event.
 IF You Posted IN 4+4 Different Forums/Websites = Double Reward.
We Will Give Rewards (EP )(Event Points )
To The People That Will Attened Our Event

I Know IT IS A Hard Job So This Event Will Be Activated For One Month , Show Me Your Hard Work Heroes And IF I Liked IT , I Promise That I Will Increase The Reward Amounts And IF This Goes Great I’ll Keep This Event Active Permanently.

Good Luck !
[Image: Legion_SROjh.jpg]
Here is example:
Charname: Deja45vu
Legion Charname: Fanta / Tokyo

http://link1 https://www.soulplayps.com/forums/index....oad.32243/

like that?
(12-02-2017, 03:38 PM)_Fanta Wrote: Legion Charname: Fanta / Tokyo

http://link1 https://www.soulplayps.com/forums/index....oad.32243/

like that?

Yea (Y) add more 4 links and we will reward you
[Image: Legion_SROjh.jpg]
What is the reward?
Event Points / Arena Coins < Good Amounts

Here Are Some Links To Post Topic's There & Attend Our Event:
1. https://www.mpcforum.pl/forum/436-silkro...er%C3%B3w/
2. http://www.silkroadonline.com.pl/forum/g...f3493aaa6c
3. http://zonica.io/community/index.php?/forum/38-spam/
4. http://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php...rums&id=29
5. https://forum.roatpkz.com/index.php?/for...her-games/
6. https://community.letspk.org/index.php?/...58-gaming/
7. https://alotica.org/forums/index.php?/forum/15-spam/
8. https://forum.os-scape.com/index.php?/forum/157-spam/
9. http://manicps.net/forums/index.php?/for...iscussion/
10. http://beastpk.com/community/index.php?/...iscussion/
11. https://frostspire.net/forums/forum-43.html
12. https://sable-ps.com/community/index.php.../22-trash/

Thanks For Reading And Have A Nice Day ^_^
[Image: Ez8Lb9i.gif]] 
Legion Charname: Shenlong

#1 https://sable-ps.com/community/index.php...ievements/
#2 http://beastpk.com/community/index.php?/...ievements/
#3 http://manicps.net/forums/index.php?/top...ievements/
#4 https://alotica.org/forums/index.php?/to...ievements/

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