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Job update 03.09.2017 (SOME INFORMATION)
(09-02-2017, 07:24 PM)Jimmy_Hun Wrote: So basicly you didn't thought about the conseqvences....
Basicly new players have no chance to gear themself, except hwt/fgw.... maybe alchemy event, but they lost srly huge income cause of job update. From now 3 or 4 thief can cover the whole map, and impossible to sneak next to them.....
So basicly this server will become 100% thief.... or there will be a few one who gonna try but 2-3 fail and they change too.... So this means less jobbing, indtead of more....
But you know it, i'm not the owner.... but i guess that would be better to discuss with your members first, and acting after that, than changing to a wrong way and try to fiy what was fked.....

less job ? are you kidding ? :Big Grin thief cant kill you 4times so you can go thrue him ... how ppls play Silkroad with 80cap  when last town was hotan ? we remove routes to increase activity,job wars and reduce job cheaters , and yes that's was discussed with players , also now all can get reward for rankings not only cheaters new players have same chanse to get gold like before , peace Big Grin
[Image: Legion_SROjh.jpg]
I see that will increase job activity and will increase fun and about discussing it with players sure we speak with most guilds and they accept the new update info
N:B...Complain After You See Update And Try It Don't judge Now because all who complains now Are just lazy players who want everything easy with no challenge
Nice Job Gurma
[Image: sysp-190232.png]
Congratulations for the work, I have not tried it but it's great to see that you guys do what you can to improve the server
I'll make a "guide" from this new features for job to my guild  group, if  it gets good, i'll post here, on the forum for all
Thanks for helping us Tongue
achievments :

4.kill 15 different type uniques in job mode / i killed some uniqes on job but still 0/15
9.Play 10 hours in Job mode /  but in web it shows you have to play 600h
10.Play 100 hours in Job mode /  shows 6000h
19 Exchange daily limit Gold Coins 3 times / i exchanged all 5 coins but still 0 also i did not get it after exchange 
Thanks for report Smile
nice very fun
1. i got gdf 7str and achievment still 0/1
2. i have 15 job lvl and bought suit legion upgrade scroll but its not working
3. achievment 29 for reach 15 lvl is not working

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