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14.05.2017 Inspection changelog
- Fixed Legend Title disconnect
- Fixed Seth HP
- Skills balance
- New characters receive Gold Honor buff for 5 days ( disappear after reach 140lv)
- Achievment system - reset weekly (check at website _> Player items Achievements tab).If all of them are complete you will receive Gold Honor buff for 7 days.
- Fixed some effects crash problem
- Added new avatars Jannisary and Jade Shadow
- Added 10 Gold Coin drop to ROC
- Removed Easter event


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Heuksal* Is it really that difficult? --'
wow go on
Realy, 10% more dmg to wizzard, with full buff wizaard hit u 100k dmg, and now 1 hit..... not only unique on server, think for other class to, we need def to not only dmg, before wizzard with pain was hard to kill, but now with pain and life, they kill all with 1 hit....
New Avatars Jannisary And Jade Shadow

Jade Shadow (Female Look)
[Image: 20t33g9.jpg]

Jannisary (Female Look)

[Image: jhvg1x.jpg]

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