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Job update 03.09.2017 (SOME INFORMATION)
HELLO dear players here is some info for upcoming update , hope this helps you out.... Angel Angel

Trade Routes

New trade Routes !!
many trade shops disabled to increase more fun in job! now you can bring trade in old silkroad routes,we let this speciality shops :
*Bandit Stronghold (special goods shop, working during event hours)
New Job System
We have done new job system to make jobbing more fare and balanced, lit info abou it :
*Disabled cant pick town range
*Added can pick same person goods 3x times (4 block job mode for 1 day)
*Added Smart job cheat system (system calculating time when last caravan delivered ,buyed,how mutch gold you have earned,if detect cheating block job mode for 1 day)
*Thief Bandit town scroll durance time set 30min (you can use it after 30min when last time sold goods in thief town)
*Added some small preventions to avoid jo cheating
[Image: JqEQjRdfCfj8k2nu1yvTRRo9MPdTMLgvM8ST6L6S...LA5e_LpAmw]

Job Leveling
Max Job levels changed to 20!!
*You can upgrade your Job lwl by "Job lwl upgrade scroll " From legion shop
*Upgradable levels starts from 7 to 20
*Job levels Keeps after job change
*Job level Upgrade scroll you can buy for 15Gold coins + 3Silver coins
*Max day Gold coins for Job limit set To 5
*After ewery 3wl your Gold coin limit +1 for example :
7lwl   >> 5gc
10lwl >> 6gc
13lwl >> 7gc
16lwl >> 8gc
19lwl >> 9gc
*Max Golc coin/Day limit is 9 !
New Job Suits
We have added 2 more Job suits to increase more fun,balance,chalange in game Jobbing you can upgrade your lwl 3 suit by (Job suit upgrader) from Legion shop !!
*Suit upgrade scroll price : 150 Gold coins
lwl 4 suit (extra Blues and stats)
*required Job lwl 10 + lwl 3suit

lwl 5 suit (extra Blues and stats)
*required Job lwl 20 +lwl 4suit
Achievement system/ Silver coins
We have added new achievements system in game you can find missions in Website user Panel and collect achievement points!!
*Added achievement missions (can use only 1 time)
*Added Random daily achievement missions (extra achievement missions every day)
*Achievement points needed for Job lewels
[Image: wdvNESnXuG0_0Bwf20EPiuUcPnxMh2w6bm8YYe4i...pCRLbKpRAw]

Silver coins
*you can buy silver coins in website User panel
*1 Silver coin price>> 10achievement points
*Silver coins needed to buy job lwl scroll

[Image: kweNNEff8OF5exn9sv4rP6s_PVW49vs8z4Pf6zat...yXuOALQDAg]

hope you all enjoy new jobbing, Tongue good luck and be the best in your speciality !!
[Image: Legion_SROjh.jpg]

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