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10.04.2017 Inspection changelog - Deja45Vu - 04-10-2017

10.04.2017 Inspection changelog

- Increased power/hp/level of Job Temple uniques/monsters
- Job Temple uniques drop Gold Coin
- Added Legion upgrader scroll (works only with ACC), It gives special power to ACC. Able to buy in Legion Shop for Gold Coin and AC
- Added reward 100EP for everyone in guild that win FW
- Added attack to Death bone roc
- Now Legion suits cant be drop.
- Added Easter event (Find Easter rabbit in random places), rabbits have 50% to drop EGG that you can exchange for reward.
- "Statue of Justice" increased damage. Type changed as unique.
- Increased Cold/Light/Fire Nukes % power by 15 (ex. Flame Wave Disintegrate 330% up to 345%)
- Added title scroll "Legend" for 7 days. Able to win at events.
- Fixed White Angel spirit cooldown
- Reset Guild GP
- Fixed 1st lv bicheon combo status.
- Increased Jupiter mirror spawn rate.

- Skill changes

RE: 10.04.2017 Inspection changelog - Banned - 04-10-2017

Looks good sir!

RE: 10.04.2017 Inspection changelog - KevinSauron - 04-10-2017

What about new glows you've promised?