Full Version: [2016-11-24] Inspection changelog
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  • Job Arena now its required 6(Traders/Hunters) vs 6 (Thieves) to start. 
  • Ghost grab pet now its tradable.
  • Some quest items now albe sell into NPC.
  • Fixed few HWT uniques drops.
  • Apis respawn set to every 1 hour.
  • Added notice to Pvp zone 1 about to high level.
  • Blocked using zerk scroll outside FW
  • Red scourge wings now flying
  • Changed Soul Spear - Emptiness animation.
  • Performance optimization
Skills balance:

when will it ends
40/50 minutes. Please be patient

any news about Chinese skills Cooldown .. i mean Blader Skills *
thank you very much and sorry about my quistion
i saw 417 members online now , but i can't login ... Undecided
Server is online.

Do you have any error ?
in the lighting buff , magical damage instead of physical*
if u want us to delete warrior champs just tell us ^^
Good Job Admin
And thanks for your hard work
But What About Bicheon Skills Stats & Animations
And also this Soul Spear - Emptiness animation isnt the original one, i mean its not joymax animations but joymax animations very cool and exiting and we hope you work on it
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