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client is not starting since 2 days (error code 2)
hello everyone,
i dont know in which place i should open this thread for reporting... that is why i open easily in bug reports.
the game is not starting since 2 days.
there is always erro code 2 to see...
i send also a screenshot...
have a nice day together Smile cya

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Close antivirus and extract game again
Supporter Carni
(09-01-2017, 08:21 PM)tutituti Wrote: Close antivirus and extract game again

still same...
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Windows defender is an antivirus too
If closing defender doesnt work restart pc, close defender antoviris etc , extract the game again and try
Supporter Carni
lol now i cant write any comment forum page shows me something with i am not a roboter bla bla Big Grin .. but second try i am online now...

i download the client again. everything was closed but nothing worked.... and first try after new download i got this notice in bot > C7 Error. Login servers are having troubles.
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Try again, run in compatibility win 7
Supporter Carni

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