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Coming back after long time no playing
Hello, dear Legion Sro staff!
Finally made my decision to play sro again here at the best server Legion!
But I just realised that my loved wizz acc is banned ? Last time I was playing was at january, and january is wild month for me, cause I always get cought up partieng too much..
So maybe I sad something bad and got banned or maybe got scammed.. I don't know...
But I know that I want my wizz back! And buy some god dammed silk to start rolling again!

What should I do to get it unbaned ?
I can pay money for it if needed! Smile

Can't wait for your reply!

Please can u tell us your char name and ban reason?
Supporter Carni
My char name is Swankfunk.
I don't know reason...
I stoped playing in Januray 2017 and now I want to play again.. But I try to login at all I see that my char is somehow banned..
Connect with normal client and give upload a ss
Supporter Carni
Here it is

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Any news on my situation ?

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